December 17, 2014 1:47 pm

Remove Excess Moisture

Dry out mops and cleaning utensils thoroughly before storing inside your apartment.

Wipe down bathroom wall and shower doors immediately after bathing, allow towels to air out. Wash and dry towels often.

Wipe down any condensation from interior windows and windowsills, wash and dry towels immediately.

Use dehumidifying crystals is suggested for closed or other area where ventilation is difficult to achieve.

Keep Things Clean

Keep closets, dresser drawers – any place where mildew is likely to grow – as clean as possible.

Soil on dirty articles can supply enough food for mildew to start growing when moisture and temperature are right.

Greasy films, such as those that form on kitchen walls, also contain many nutrients for mildew-causing molds.

Circulate the Air

When outside is drier than that inside, ventilation allows the dry air to enter, take up excess moisture, and then be carried outside.

When natural breezes are not sufficient, please use your bath/laundry room exhaust fans.

Poorly ventilated closets get damp and musty during wet weather, and articles stored in them are apt to mildew.

Try to improve the air circulation by opening the closet doors. In addition, hang the clothes loosely so that air can circulate around them.

Dry all wet clothing (including clothes wet from rain or perspirations) before putting in the closet.

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Koham Press: Support a Local Independent Bookstore

December 16, 2014 4:06 pm

Koham Press is a unique privately-owned and -operated bookstore and small press committed to supporting literacy, education, and a love of reading in the Vallejo community. In fact, it's one of the few bookstores where you'll overhear customers engaging in animated conversation about the books they've read as you browse the shelves. They might be members of one of the store's active book clubs or just avid, enthusiastic readers gathering in a friendly and welcoming place.

Koham sells a wide variety of new books, ranging from fiction to cookbooks to treatises on spirituality, so you're sure to find something that interests you. The store also allows customers to exchange used books in good condition for store credit, and educators receive a 10 percent discount on all Koham Press purchases. If you haven't yet visited Koham Press, stop by next time you're in the neighborhood.

Kohman Press
628 Marin Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
(510) 472-4732

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Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2014 11:20 am

We wish you and your loved ones all a very happy and safe holiday season.

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