Commit These Must-Know Kitchen Terms to Memory

April 14, 2015 3:11 pm

Knowing the proper kitchen terms can mean the difference between your cake rising or flopping, your casserole baking or burning, and your steak tasting juicy and flavorful instead of dry and bland. Here are a few cooking terms that every at-home chef should know.

  1. Al dente. Though you’ve likely seen this term on the menu at your favorite Italian restaurant, do you know what it means in terms of cooking? Al dente literally translates to “to the tooth,” which describes the tender yet firm way that pasta should feel after cooking.
  2. Blanch. To blanch something, like an egg or greens, means to completely submerge it in rapidly boiling water and cook it just slightly.
  3. Caramelize. Caramelizing involves heating sugar enough for it to turn brown and have a special crunchy taste. This is normally applied to desserts, meats, or onions.
  4. Clarify. To clarify means to remove the solids from a liquid until said liquid turns clear. For example, when you skim the foam from the top of a pot of broth or remove the milk fat from butter.

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Pho1 Noodle House: Dig Into a PIping-Hot Bowl of Vietnamese Fare

April 7, 2015 3:25 pm

From the outside, Pho1 doesn't look like much. It's tucked away in a nondescript strip mall, sandwiched between two storefronts. But behind the deceiving facade awaits a smorgasbord of authentic Vietnamese fare. Unsurprisingly, pho is the keystone of the menu.

This hearty soup makes for a surprisingly filling meal thanks to tender bits of beef, chicken, or seafood (your choice). Complemented by the complex medley of herbs and spices swimming in each bowl, the pho impresses even seasoned eaters of Vietnamese cuisine. You can also skip the broth and go for a bowl of vermicelli noodles instead, topped with crispy tofu or succulent beef. Spring rolls, shrimp cakes, and boba tea round out meals at Pho1 Noodle House. You can even cap off your feast with a sweet milkshake infused with Thai tea.

Pho1 Noodle House
3624 Sonoma Boulevard
Vallejo, CA 94590
(707) 553-9859

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Happy Spring!

April 2, 2015 12:22 pm

Everything is starting to bud and bloom! What are you doing to enjoy this lovely change in weather?

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